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FKK Beach antiparos

Nudist Beach

The nudist beach lies to the north of Antiparos east of the campsite. The beach is characterized by a very good situation and a good beach quality. There are fortunately no sunbeds and shade can be only limited found in the hinterland. Even as a non nudist you can stay here, nudism is not compulsory!

Spiridon Beach antiparos

Spiridon Beach

The beach is almost the city beach of Antiparos. When you arrive by boat, you can see him north. The beach provides a good, albeit solid sand quality.
The water is very flat here for a long time and it takes a quite few minutes until it reaches a certain depth. Therefore, this beach is also ideal for small children. Furthermore, the beach has the advantage that it can be reached quickly from Antiparos town. Some trees spend shade.

Psaraliki Beach antiparos

Psaraliki Beach

The Psaraliki Beach consists of two beaches, which lie side by side. One is called Psaraliki 1 and the other Psaraliki 2. The beaches can be reached easily by foot. Follow the road from Antiparos town to the south, in the first right turn, turn left and follow the road.
The beaches can be called as the main beaches of the island of Antiparos. There are some trees which spend shade and the beach quality is quite good. On the beach, chairs and boats are rented and at Psaraliki 1 is the Fanagi Club, where you can eat and drink.
The beach is also well-suited for children, this proofs the many sand castles and other sand objects.
Overall, the beaches are quite beautiful and you have a very good view to the island of Paros.

Sunset Beach antiparos

Sunset Beach

The Sunset Beach on Antiparos lies west of Antiparos city. The name says it all, you go there for the sunset, and only then, because there are better beaches on Antiparos. There are restaurants and bars where you can chill into the sunset. Soros Beach antiparos

Soros Beach

Apandima Beach antiparos

Apandima Beach

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