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There are plenty of holidays 2014 that you and your loved ones can visit, should you decide to go on a getaway. Spending your vacation in a beautiful place with the people you love the most will definitely bring you utmost relaxation and comfort. If you are seeking a getaway that will truly be a fantastic experience for you and your family and friends, then you will surely find Antiparos perfect. Here, you can unwind and relieve yourself of the stress brought by the daily grind.

Antiparos (greek Αντίπαρος) is the sister island of Paros. You can only reach Antiparos from Paros. From there you can either take a boat from Parikia (Paros city), the ride lasts about 30 minutes or you can choose the shortest connection from Pounta. There are regular ferries, which take about ten minutes for the crossing to Antiparos.

In the capital of Antiparos there can be found numerous taverns, bistros and shops, as the island is during the day a popular destination for tourists from Paros. In the evening the calm is restored and you can enjoy the evening with a very delicious meal, assuming you choose the right tavern. The most popular meeting place for the late evening is probably the Platia, a very idyllic (partly very lively) Square in the heart of the city.

On Antiparos there are already for some time a few small hotels and numerous rooms, so that you can find here even in the high season, something to stay overnight.
The Landmark and a popular tourist destination on Antiparos is a cave, which is located inside the island. The cave is accessible from the port by bus or naturally by car or motorcycle.

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