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Donoussa belongs to the small east cyclades and lies between Naxos and Amorgos. Whoever lands on Donoussa does visit the island often not coincidentally, as the island is less well known and off the usual routes.
The photo on the left shows the main village (Stavros) of Donoussa and there is not much more than you can see on it, and that's a good thing. You should not await culinary delights on Donoussa, as the dinner is usually pretty average, but the atmosphere on the island is a compensation for it. The baker on Donoussa is very well for such a small island and it presents itself to make your own breakfast.

With the arrival rooms are offered to you as usual, but you should be fast, the best rooms are booked before or fast assigned. In the high season, the travel to Donoussa without a reservation is a certain risk, because the island is filled up quickly. Donoussa is visited as many other islands in the high season by Greeks and they reserve in advance, if they have no relatives on the island! If you arrive from big hotels you have to keep in mind, that you only find small pensions on Donoussa. Accommodation is quickly fully-booked, especially in the summer months. It is worth getting online and finding a place to stay to avoid any unnecessary hassle when you arrive. The room owners on Donoussa are very nice, and if they have rooms available, you can watch each if that is important to you.

If you are looking for peace, you will find it on Donoussa in the off-season.

The highlight for many people is the arrival of ferries in the port of Donoussa (Stavros), especially when the Skopelitis arrives in the early evening, when the sun goes down.
Then you can enjoy a very nice (alcoholic) cold drink at the port at Nikitas restaurant and watch the bustle before you get ready for the evening.

Map Donoussa



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