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Kendros Beach donoussa

Kendros Beach

The Kendros beach on Donoussa is located about one kilometer east of the capital Stavros. The deep bay in a south-facing beach is a jewel of the Cyclades beaches. The fine bright sand, blue water and the surrounding "mountains" invite to a day at the beach. The Kendros beach is in our opinion the only beach in the Cyclades, where you officially tolerated can built your tent for the night. Who knows another beach, should please contact us! In the low season, it is still fairly quiet, but in the high season the beach is like a tent camp. Some remain here for several weeks. Behind the beach, there is since a few years a beach restaurant that is even open in the low season. Here you can eat snacks and drink cold drinks in the shade. For beach sleepers there are the necessary sanitary facilities. Stavros Beach donoussa

Stavros Beach

The beach Stavros is right at the capital of Donoussa and it is very beautiful. In the low season, there is usually no one on the beach, because there are much better beach day beaches on Donoussa.
In the high season, he is clearly full because of his position direct to the city Stavros and most rooms on the island. For a port and city beach he is very beautiful.

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