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Livadi Beach folegandros

Livadi Beach

The beach is from the seaport Karavostassis about 1 km away and therefore quite easy to reach.
The beach is very beautiful and shade can be found under the trees.

Karavostassis Beach folegandros

Karavostassis Beach

The beach is directly in front of the harbour town Karavostassis. The 250 meter long beach consists of relatively large rocks and to lie down you need a very thick base or a sun bed. The beach is bordered by trees and a not very busy road.
The beach is not really inviting for a beach day because of its stones.

Food Drinking Caravostassis Beach
Several restaurants / bars and a minimarket are nearby.

Hotels and Rooms Karavostassis Beach
There are many accommodation possibilities in the adjoining village.

Accessibility / Directions Karavostassis Beach
The beach is located directly at the harbour town Karavostassis. From Folegandros Chora it is about 3 kilometres to the beach. The road from the Chora to the beach is very well developed. The beach can be reached several times a day by bus from the Chora. Vardia Beach folegandros

Vardia Beach

The Vardia Beach on Folegandros is a beautiful pebble beach about 100 meters long. The beach is bordered by a rock face. But it is easily accessible via stairs. There is very little shade in the late afternoon. Running into the sea is quite difficult in most places. All in all, Vardia Beach is a great beach due to its quiet location and its proximity to the harbour town.

Food Drinking Vardia Beach
There are restaurants and a mini-market in the neighbouring village Karavostassis.

Hotels and Rooms Vardia Beach
Behind the beach are the Vardia Bay Studios, for more information see Folegandros Hotels. There are further accommodations in the adjoining village Karavostassis.

Accessibility / Directions to Vardia Beach
Varia Beach is located northeast of the harbour town of Karavostassis. From the jetty or the bus station, you walk right over the hill and then reach stairs leading down to the beach. On foot max. 5 minutes.

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