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The island of Ios belongs to the Southern Cyclades and lies between Paros / Naxos and Santorini. Ios is very good to reach with the ship, because the island lies on the main route of the Cyclades ferries.
The island of Ios is in the high season for years the party island for younger vacationers, but in the low season you can enjoy a very quiet holiday!

With the ship you arrive in the seaport Ormos. The city offers several restaurants, supermarkets, and night capabilities. Ormos is a good starting point for "older" people, as you will still live rather quietly, and from here the Chora and the beaches of the island are easily accessible.
The most beautiful place on the island Ios is the Chora, it is one of the most idyllic Cyclades villages. The Hora is located on a mountain and you have a great view from there. Am späten In the late evening the Chora is in the high season a party location, here ranks pub to pub and you can make party here very well. That should not prevent non party people to visit the Chora in the evening, because it offers also some very good restaurants and quieter places.

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