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The island Iraklia belongs to the small East Cylades and has been an island for people who are looking for the rest.
Iraklia is no longer so hard to reach, since also large ships of the Blue Stars Line arrive at Iraklia and of course the Skopelitis, which arrives on the island almost every day.
When the ship reaches Iraklia, you arrive in the protected natural harbour of the island. You see the city beach and a few houses and you presume not very much. That's true. Because Iraklia is quiet, very quiet. Who wants to shop or stroll here is totally wrong. If you are looking for a taxi or a bus you will not find one.

On Iraklia there are two shopping opportunities, a few restaurants, usually very nice room renters, a "port beach," a main beach (20 minutes over a mountain) and other small beaches.

Before about 15 years ago there were many beach sleepers and every night was a party celebrated on the beach. From year to year, it went more quiet, because all restaurants at the beach had to close! and to sleep on the beach overnight was not allowed any more.

If you are looking for calm and relaxing and have few claims to the comfort and if you are well-foot, then you are right on Iraklia.

Map Iraklia



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