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Milos is the southernmost island of the Western Cyclades.
Milos is mainly by ferry from Piraeus, but also from other islands such as Folegandros, Santorini and Crete reachable. A small airport offers the possibility to fly directly from Athens to Milos.
When the ship arrives at Milos, you drive inside the huge port bay. The harbor bay looks like a big lake, because it is for the most part surrounded by land.
The seaport Adamas is for tourist best developed. Here are the most hotels, rooms, restaurants and bars on Milos. There are more beautiful cities than Adamas, especially the "new" port has not improved it.
Milos offers excellent beaches, a beautiful scenery and small places you can discover.
Since Milos belongs to the active volcanoes, there are also hot springs to discover. But do not fear the last outbreak is 60000 years ago.

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