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The island of Mykonos is the most famous island of the Cyclades.
Mykonos is quite well to reach with ferries from Athens or by plane from several airports in Europe.
Mykonos is due to the good accessibility and beauty, in the summer especially on the weekends, very full. The prices of food and beverage, and especially for rooms are correspondingly expensive.

The island has a very beautiful winding main town, with narrow alleys and beautiful places.
Some of the homes in the main town of Mykonos are built directly to the sea, this is for the Cyclades almost unique. This district is known as "Little Venice".

Near the city there are also the symbol of Mykonos the "Kato Mili", these are four windmills on a hill.
Many people come to Mykonos to party here, in the capital there are many small clubs where you can relax and party well. The island is well known for its gay and lesbian scene, but you also meet many heterosexuals.
The beaches of Mykonos are very beautiful and the most popular beaches really full.

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