Beaches Paros

Kolimbithres Beach

The beach is located in the Bay of Naoussa, in the north of Paros. The beach is one of the most famous of Paros.
Kolimbithres is exceptional, because it is subdivided by smooth and low rocks that reach into the water. This looks very nice in the low-season, when the beach is not too crowded.
The water is relatively flat and for water games and children well suited.
Kolimbithres is from Naoussa with small boats that constantly go there, easily accessible. On foot from Naoussa you would need at least a half-hour.

Punda Beach paros

Punda Beach

The Punda Beach on Paros is one of the hottest party beaches in the Cyclades. You can compare it with the Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos. In any case, the Punda Beach is the party beach on Paros.
Here is party during the day and into the night. Who seeks quietness is wrong here, who will make party is just right.
The beach is also known for its excellent kitesurfing conditions, both for beginners and advanced.

Party Video Punda Beach Paros

Logaras Beach paros

Logaras Beach

The Logaras Beach lies to the east of Paros, 600 meters south of Pisso Livadi.
The beach is just the thing if you stay in Piso Livadi and don’t want to walk wide paths.
Restaurants, Bars und Shops befinden sich in unmittelbarer Nähe des Strandes. Restaurants, bars and shops are located in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

Golden Beach

The Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti) is in the south-east of the island of Paros. The beach is about 700 metres long and has the finest sand quality. Shadow is unfortunately only found under sunshades.
The beach has been a popular meeting point for surfers, and offers good wind conditions.
Restaurants and bars are located on the beach, mostly in associated hotels.
The Golden Beach is by bus or car / motorcycle easily accessible.

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