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Santorini is arguably one of the best-known islands of the Cyclades and Greece. In Greece, the island is almost always called Thira, which is important if you buy ferry tickets for example.
The island of Santorini is fairly easy to reach, either by ship or by plane. The port of Santorini is fairly protected and can be reached at almost any weather. Since Santorini has an international airport, you can travel easy to Santorini by plane. There are several flights a week from all destinations to Thira .
Santorini reveals its true beauty when you arrive with the ferry from the north and drive in the actual crater (caldera) of the island. From the ship you can see the village of Oia first, and then the village Thira, both are built impressive on the slopes of the caldera. You are now located in the caldera, this might stimulate your fantasy. The caldera of Santorini is one of the best-known calderas in the world.
When the ship arrives on Santorini, you will be picked up by one of the rooms or hotel owners.
Attention - You should already know where you want to stay. Oia, Thira, Perissa, etc., and you should ask the room owner where his rooms are exactly located. It may happen that the room is two or more kilometers away from your desired location. Therefore, let you show always the exact location on a map! We have experienced many surprises on Santorini. And the statement "I take you on departure back to the harbor" does not necessarily mean that the owner is doing this for free!

The journey from the port up to the island is an adventure, especially if you are in an older bus and you look down to the crater. If the brakes fail it goes steep downhill.
If you arrive by plane on Santorini the same rules apply, except that only a very few room or hotel owners are waiting for you..

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