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Red Beach santorini

Red Beach

The Red Beach on Santorini is arguably one of the most interesting beaches ever. The beach is right on the caldera, which drops steeply here. The beach itself is as its name suggests reddish, but rather gravelly. The colors of the sea, especially when you are swimming, are uniquely beautiful. This beach is understandably very popular by many tourists.

The beach is located between Thira and Perisssa and is by bus or motorcycle / car easily accessible.
At Red Beach, there are only drinks and snacks from a small shack.
What really disturbs are the chairs and sunshades and of course, his reputation, the beach is usually really full!
We have experienced the Red Beach without chairs and sunshades and almost empty, but it was 1986 - fantastic!

Perissa Beach santorini

Perissa Beach

The Perissa Beach is a very beautiful long beach, which is made of black sand and also the color of the water is very beautiful.
Due to the length you have the choice whether to lie rather quiet or with many others on the beach. Even in the high season, there are still places that are not overcrowded.
There is almost no shadow, but you can rent sunshades and chairs. In the summer, the sand is so hot that you have almost burned feet, after a few steps without shoes.

Kamari Beach santorini

Kamari Beach

The Kamari beach is a fine gritty, dark long beach. There is nearly no natural shade. You have to rentsun loungers on the beach, if you are looking for shade. For water sports fans there are all the necessary facilities on the beach. If the weather is good, you can see the east coast of the island of Anafi.

In the south of the beach there is a mountain with the Ancient Thira on it and in the north it extends near to the airport. The planes fly very low over the beach, it can be very impressive or disturbing, depending on how you notice it.

Vlychada Beach santorini

Vlychada Beach

The Vlychada Beach on Santorini is a over 800 meters long, dark beach. Impressive are the rock formations behind the beach. The water invites you at the most places on the break-in. There is no natural shade at the beach. Umbrellas and chairs can be hired.

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