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Hotels Santorini

Santorini hotels
On Santorini, there is a wide choice of hotels and rooms for each demand.

Hotels in Thira and Oia
Most hotels on Santorini are in Thira and Oia. If you want to stay really wonderful you book a hotel on the crater rim. The prices for these rooms are very high, but you have a unique view of the crater and the sea. Cheaper you live in Oia and Thira, if the hotel or room has a greater distance from the crater or the villages. But you should make sure that you're not too far away from the village and do not stay in the suburbs. The hotel owners are in the interpretation of distances usually very generous.

Hotels in Kamari

Kamari is the beach place on Santorini where the most hotels are, which are usually offered to package tourists. The closer the hotel is to the water and the better the hotel is, the more expensive it is.

Hotels in Perissa

In Perissa there are many small and partly simple hotels and accommodations. The prices are usually acceptable for Santorini, there are lot of individual tourists visiting Perissa.

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