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The island of Serifos (gr. Σεριφóς) belongs to the Western Cyclades. The seaport Livadi is touristic best developed on the island. This is where most hotels, rooms, restaurants and bars of Serifos are.

The island is a not so well known island of the Cyclades, it is also particularly in the off-season only awkward to reach, since there are not so many connections to the main route (Athens - Santorini). In the high season, it may be full, since many Greeks travel to Serifos.

In the low season you can spend here on Serifos very nice and quiet holidays, the rates are moderate, but not cheap. The food is very average in Livadi seaport and partly from the price excessive. You sit partly quite nicely on the sea, but that is simply not always everything.

The capital of Serifos is the very nice Chora, it shines on sunny days in a bright white on top of the mountain.. Here, most locals live on the island, and by tourists is usually no trace. The bus timetable is bad, if you are late you have to walk down the stairs back to Livadi. The Chora you visit either during the day to have the beautiful view from there or to enjoy the evening with partially excellent dinner here.

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