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Livadi Beach

The Livadi Beach is the longest beach on the island of Serifos and extends from the seaport ca.2 kilometres along a not very busy road. On the beach, there is not much shade and it is also not very nice.

Livadaki Beach serifos

Livadaki Beach

The Livadaki Beach is located south of the port of Serifos and consists of two beaches.
It is easy to achieve, since he is not far away. The beach has a few trees, good quality sand and clean water. On the beach, there are restaurants and a campsite. The beach is much better than the Livadi Beach at the port of Serifos.

Psili Ammos Beach serifos

Psili Ammos Beach

The beach Psili Ammos lies north of the port of Serifos and on foot you reach it in about 50 minutes. Follow the road from the port along the bay and at the end hold north and you reach the beach over a small hill.

The beach is about 700 metres wide and it's really very beautiful. Previously, as there were no bungalows in the north of the beach, it was fantastic. The sand is very bright and of very good quality, and you have a very nice view of the bay and the blue sea.
The beach had earlier count to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades, today, it's still very beautiful, but with each house built the most beautiful beach loses his appeal.

The beach Psili Ammos offers a few trees to escape the sun and two restaurants, we prefer the one in the north, where you sit quietly and nicely shaded. The prices are not really cheap, but the food is sometimes quite good.
Serifos has not so favorable prices for a not so well-known island.

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