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The island of Anafi lies east of Santorini and from there you can reach it several times a week. The island of Anafi, despite the proximity to Santorini, is far away from the beaten path routes off the Cyclades. There is a port, a chora and really very beautiful beaches. For vacationers who are not ready to accept some limitations, this island is not suitable. If you are looking for an original cyclades island, you will probably still find it here.

The port of Agios Nikolaos provides not really much, but it is still a good point to stay, because the beaches and the chora are good reachable on foot or by bus.
The Chora of Anafi is not very big, but it offers good typical taverns with good food and it has a very nice view to Santorini.

Until the 90s Anafi was a very popular island for people who want to sleep at the beach. At night, there were campfires and you could live for the moment. Those days are gone, unfortunately, because now beach sleepers are not longer tolerated, in any case not on the main beaches. Nevertheless, the island of Anafi is for connoisseurs always worth a visit.

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