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The island of Schinoussa belongs to the small East Cyclades and has been an island for people who are looking for the rest, at least in the off-season. In the high season is Schinousa target of many Greeks, and thus usually very full.
Schinousa is no longer so hard to reach, since there are also large ships of the Blue Stars Line, which arrive at the island and of course, the Skopelitis which arrives almost every day since many years.
As you arrive at the port of Schinoussa, you may get some doubts, it raises the question "Should I really get off?" The question we have often heard from other passengers on the Skopelitis and there were also many who are driven further !!!!!!!
The port of Schinoussa can deter any newcomer, it seems as if there were on the island almost nothing, barely rooms, hardly a restaurant, etc.
So far, there is not much, but most facilities are located in the Chora of Schinoussa on a mountain, you can see bad, for protection against pirates in former times.
The Chora is in any case gorgeous, here you find some taverns, a baker and 4-5 shopping opportunities. What do we need more?
The Chora of Schinoussa is the central place from which you can explore everything, from here you reach all destinations on the island.
If you seek calmness, beautiful beaches and if you neither need a bus nor taxi and are well-foot, you have found your island.

Map Schinoussa



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