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The island of Kea is one of the not so well known islands of the Cyclades. Kea is well suited if you want to meet the original Greece. Due to the proximity to the mainland, it is just for Greeks an popular excursion and holiday destination.
The port Korissia lies to the north of Kea in the bay of Agios Nikolaos. You reach Korissia from the mainland port of Lavrio, the trip takes approximately 1 hour.

Korissia offers besides Vourkari, Yaliskari, Pisses and Ioulis the most accommodations on the island. Obwohl auf Kea recht viel gebaut wird, versuchen sich die Orte ihre Ursprünglichkeit zu bewahren. Although there is pretty much built in Kea, the cities try to preserve their authenticity.
Unlike most other Cyclades islands, the houses on Kea are covered with bricks.

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