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Provatas Beach

The Provatas beach is situated in the south of the island of Milos. The beach is really beautiful and inviting to a perfect beach day. The beach is by bus or car / taxi good to reach from Adamas. The last bus leaves unfortunately a little bit early.

The first time we were at the Provatas was 1986, there it was a dream beach.Except for a small tavern at the top of the hill, there was nothing and we had to book the taxi for the return trip in advance. Fantastic!
The "Milos Beach Hotel, which is here for some time, was no enrichment for the beach.

Firiplaka Beach milos

Firiplaka Beach

The Firiplaka Beach is located south of the island of Milos and is a very beautiful beach. The beach is located in front of a rock wall and has a very good quality sand. The way into the water is falling flat. On the beach itself, there is a beach shack, which is only open in the high season.

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