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Parikia is the capital and main port of Paros. Parikia is for many years one of the most popular places in the Cyclades.
The popularity of Parikia is probably the fact that it offers something for everyone. There is a picturesque old city, with many small shops, bars, restaurants and discos.
There are a lot accommodations in the city or in the vicinity of the village, who arrives by ferry is usually crowed by a large number of room renters.
Near the city, there are several beautiful beaches, from which you can usually watch the incoming ferries
From Parikia you can reach very well all the spots on the island by bus or you can visit the neighbouring island Antiparos with small boats.



Naoussa is in the north of Paros and is the second largest city on the island. Naoussa is about 10 kilometres away from the capital Parikia and easily accessible by bus.
The village itself has beautiful small streets and squares where you find good restaurants and shops. Most of the rooms and hotels are more on the outskirts and in the vicinity of Naoussa.
The best location is the very nice fishing port, in which several restaurants captivate to eat. Despite the slightly higher prices, it is worthwhile here to enjoy a meal.
Naoussa itself has no nice beaches, but nice beaches are good to reach with the bus or small boats.

Pisso Livadi

Pisso Livadi is a small seaport in the east of the island of Paros, which has developed to a popular holiday destination. In Pisso Livadi there are several restaurants, bars, hotels and rooms. Due to the proximity to the beautiful beaches in the east of Paros, Pisso Livadi is suitable as a good starting point.
In the port of Pisso Livadi are day trips by boat offered to the beaches on Naxos.

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